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Elevate your online game.

Our toolbox of digital domination.

We’ve got a bunch of cool tools to turbocharge your online mojo. Whether you’re a non-profit, community doer, local hero, or a small biz champ, our solutions are here to add some zest to your digital journey.

First in line is our Global CDN – it’s like teleportation for your website, zipping your content to users around the world at warp speed.

Then we’ve got our Policies Generation wizard, making the boring stuff like Privacy Policies and Cookie Policies a breeze, so you can get back to doing what you love.

In times of digital distress, our Website Rescue is your trusty sidekick, swooping in to save your site, even if we weren’t the ones who built it.

And for those craving more stars in their review galaxy, our Review Management platform helps you reel in those raving reviews and flaunt them proudly on your website.

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Global CDN.

Introducing our Global CDN, fueld by BunnyCDN.

Buckle up, because your website’s about to go supersonic with our Global CDN, supercharged by BunnyCDN. Whether you’re a non-profit, a community powerhouse, a local legend, or a small business dynamo, our CDN is here to take your web performance to the next level.

Picture this: your content, zipping through the digital highways, reaching users across the globe in the blink of an eye. Say goodbye to slow-loading pages and hello to instant gratification.

BunnyCDN powers our CDN, ensuring top-notch reliability, lightning-fast speeds, and global coverage. It’s like giving your website a turbo boost, making sure your audience gets the best online experience, no matter where they are.

Join the fast lane with Cloud Nine Web’s Global CDN – it’s time to make your website’s performance as epic as your mission.

Prices starting at $19/mo
121 Global PoPs
DDoS Protection
Increased Performance
AMD & NVMe Hardware
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Policy Generation.

Policies made painless.

Crafting legal documents can be a real head-scratcher, but fear not, because we’ve got your back. Our Policy Generation tool is your secret weapon for creating essential documents like Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, and Cookie Policies with ease.

Here’s the scoop: we’ve teamed up with a magical digital wizard (you know, like a certain bespectacled one, but without the lightning bolt scar) to make policy generation a breeze.

Just hop over to our platform (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, you can check it out for details), answer a few simple questions, and voilà – your policies are ready to roll. It’s like having a legal team in your pocket, minus the hefty bill.

Whether you’re a non-profit, community luminary, local legend, or a small business trailblazer, our Policy Generation tool ensures you stay compliant and builds trust with your audience, all while making the process as painless as a walk in the park. So why wait? Let’s get those policies sorted, hassle-free!

Generate all policies for $69/yr
Privacy Policies
Cookie Banner & Policies
Terms of Service
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Review Manager.

Unlock hassle-free review management.

Gather ’round, because it’s time to take your online reputation to the next level. Our Review Management platform is your backstage pass to showcasing glowing reviews on your website, without the fuss.

Here’s the secret sauce: we’ve partnered with a review management wizard to bring you a review management platform that’s as easy as pie.

Just hop over to our platform, answer a few simple questions, and you’ll uncover a treasure trove of features. Think automated review requests, customizable widgets, and a star-studded display of your top-notch reviews.

Whether you’re a non-profit, community influencer, local legend, or small business sensation, our Review Management platform helps you reel in those raving reviews and flaunt them proudly on your website, all while keeping it as smooth as a buttered pancake. So why wait? Let’s get those stars shining bright!

Prices starting at $19/mo
Automated Review Forms
Increase Reviews
Website Widgets
FOMO Popups
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AI Chatbots.

Discover the magic of AI.

Hold on to your hats, because our AI Chatbot is here to revolutionize your website experience, and it’s nothing short of magical.

Imagine this: an intelligent, conversational bot that’s always ready to assist your visitors. Our AI Chatbot uses cutting-edge technology to provide instant answers, guide users, and even crack a few jokes along the way (it’s got quite the sense of humor).

No need to dive into the technical nitty-gritty; we’ve got it all under control. Whether you’re a non-profit, community influencer, local legend, or small business star, our AI Chatbot is designed to enhance user engagement, boost conversions, and keep your visitors coming back for more.

With features that rival the best in the biz (you can check them out if you’re curious), it’s like having a digital sidekick that makes your website smarter, friendlier, and a whole lot more fun. Ready to meet your new chatbot BFF?

Starting at $390/yr
Customer Support Bots
Train With Any Data
Integrate Everywhere
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Green Energy Hosting.

We use 100% renewable energy from solar, wind, and hydro.
Our commitment to sustainability runs deep. We take pride in being a 100% Green Cloud Hosting Provider, sourcing all our electricity needs from renewable sources like the sun, wind, and sea. Our dedication to green energy extends to every facet of our operation. We meticulously ensure that all our electricity consumption is powered by sustainable sources such as solar, hydro, or wind energy. To further reduce our carbon footprint, we prioritize the use of refurbished hardware whenever feasible, ensuring that our environmental impact remains minimal. 

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